The IND Commitments Office, Mission Support Definitions and Commitments – Office 912 - is located at JPL. The IND Commitments Office personnel will assist persons designing new missions who are planning for support from the Deep Space Network (DSN).

The IND Commitments Office will provide potential customers with information about DSN facilities, capabilities, costing, and plans. Additionally, the IND Commitments Office will review telecommunications link designs to ensure compatibility with the DSN and will assist development flight projects in completing a preliminary DSN Service Agreement (DSA), which is a high-level agreement of project support services requested from the DSN. The overall objective of the IND Commitments Office is to align customers with DSN standard services. No charge is made for most support from the IND Commitments Office, and all customers contemplating the use of DSN services are encouraged to contact the IND Commitments Office points of contacts:

DSN Services

Sami Asmar
(818) 354-6288

Zsarina Benecken
(818) 354-4778

Multimission Ground Systems and Services (MGSS) contacts

The MGSS provides most of the multimission Mission Operations/Ground Data Systems (MOS/GDS) functions needed to design, implement, and operate the Mission Operations/Ground Data Systems. The overall MOS/GDS product is titled the Advanced MultiMission Operations System. For those customers interested in MGSS standard services, the contact is:

MGSS Services

Brian Giovannoni
(818) 354-4107

AMMOS Catalog

JPL Frequency Spectrum Management Office

The JPL Spectrum Program Office is responsible to NASA for managing the deep space spectrum and frequency resources in accordance with national and international regulations. The point-of-contact for frequency management is:

Farzin Manshadi
(818) 354-0068