Each DSN site has multiple 34-meter (111-foot) diameter antennas. Like the70-meter antennas, the reflector surface of this antenna is precision-shaped for maximum signal-gathering capability.

The 34-meter antennas come in two types: a high-efficiency antenna and beam waveguide antenna. What makes the beam waveguide version special is the addition of five precision radio frequency mirrors that reflect radio signals along a tube from the antenna to a below-ground room. This design allows sensitive electronics to be in a climate-controlled equipment room instead of outdoors, at the center of the antenna dish. This configuration also simplifies maintenance and modification of the equipment as new technologies are developed.

All sites have one high efficiency antenna and one or more 34-meter diameter beam waveguide antennas: Goldstone has three, Madrid has two, and Canberra has one.

3D Model: Click (or touch) and drag to interact with this 3D model of the 34-meter Antenna.