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Proposal Preparation

IND's Deep Space Network (DSN) and the Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS) provide several documents and tools to assist persons preparing proposals for new missions.


Persons preparing proposals that require DSN and AMMOS services should carefully review the documents on this page. NASA has several Programs for which some information may be unique. Proposers may download a desired document for the specific Announcement of Opportunity below by clicking on the document title.


NF4_Final_AO_Released_9Dec2016.pdf (PDF, 1.17 MB)

DSN Aperture Fee Tool DSN Mission Support Cost for New Frontiers Tool

DSN Aperture Fee Tool DSN Mission Support Cost for New Frontiers (XLSX, 160 KB)

IMAP (STP-5): Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe

IMAP (STP-5): Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (XLSX, 160 KB)

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet calculates Aperture Fees for DSN stations in either 1) Real-Year, or 2) user specified Fiscal-Year Dollars for:

or Non-Government-Reimbursable missions

Computations are based upon a DSN Base Rate applicable to 2014. Thirty-five separate mission activities can be entered, including passes for Multi-Spacecraft Per Antenna (MSPA), Delta-Differenced One-Way Range (DDOR), and Beacon Monitoring for which special cost adjustments are made. After downloading the form, carefully follow the instructions found by clicking the Instructions tab in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

NASA's Mission Operations and Communications Services

SCaN-MOCS-001 baseline FINAL (PDF, 1.07 MB)