Downloads and links for educators and students related to the Deep Space Network.

Deep Space Network - Telecommunications
A poster is now available for classroom use. The poster back features a description of the Deep Space Network; a section on careers in space; and a classroom math activity. Each of the nine panels on the back can be downloaded as part of this PDF file (PDF, 4.85 MB) and printed.

Deep Space Network - Telecommunications Deep Space Network - Telecommunications
This lithograph (PDF, 274 KB) features illustrations of the large 70-meter antenna and the 34-meter Beam Waveguide antenna. The reverse side describes how the Deep Space Network provides two-way communication with spacecraft traveling across the immense distances of space.

Deep Space Network - Radio Astronomy Deep Space Network - Radio Astronomy
This lithograph (PDF, 131 KB) features Radio Astronomy and the role of the DSN in exploring the Universe using radio waves. Color illustrations on the front show radio images of a galaxy and of Jupiter's radiation belts. The reverse side describes how we can use radio astronomy to further our understanding of the Solar System and the Universe.

Click above for printable PDF files. To obtain hard copies of a lithograph or poster, email us and provide your name, the name of your school, and a mailing address where a copy can be sent to you.

Bringing Images from Space
Have you ever wondered how NASA obtains those beautiful pictures of planets and distant moons? This brief video takes you through the process step by step from spacecraft camera to finished photograph.

To obtain this information in a four-fold flyer, email us and provide your name, the name of your school, and a mailing address where a copy can be sent to you.

Cosmic Colors Cosmic Colors
See the Universe in all its colors. View images of planets in our Solar System, as well as distant galaxies, in the various wavelengths of the Electomagnetic Spectrum with the Cosmic Colors Viewer.

Speaking in Phases - a Classroom Activity
How do spacecraft put actual information into the radio signals they send back to Earth? Beat out rhythms on drums or desks and send messages using the same principles used in space exploration. Click to obtain a printable PDF file (PDF, 1.47 MB) . Published with permission of JPL's "Space Place" and the International Technology Teachers Association.

Related disciplines: physics (EM wave modulation), math (binary codes), space technology, music! Activity: Entire class, indoor, game-type demonstration

For more activities for students and teachers from other JPL missions and programs, visit the JPL Education Office.